Beam Optics Analyzer

Beam Optics Analyzer (BOA) is an adaptive mesh, finite element, 3D analysis code for designing electron devices, including electron guns and multi-stage depressed collectors. Adaptive meshing dramatically simplifies analysis of complex, 3D geometries by automating the meshing process and significantly reducing the problem size. Geometrical input can be imported from commercial solid modeling programs. The code can be Downloaded for a free 30-day trial.


Cascade is an advanced scattering matrix code for designing waveguide-based microwave and millimeter wave circuits and components. For conventional waveguide geometries, Cascade is significantly faster and more accurate than mesh-based codes such as HFSS and CST.


SURF3D (Surface Integral Equation Analysis of Quasi-Optical Launchers using the Multi Level Fast Multipole Algorithm) The design of complex quasioptical launchers requires 3D analysis of a spiral-cut, dimpled converter and launcher. SURF3D is an accurate analysis code to precisely model the surface fields and facilitate synthesis of optimized antennas.

The suite uses optimization routines that produce designs with nearly zero diffraction loses and significantly higher Gaussian content than previous methods. SURF3D is the most precise design code in the world for modeling quasi-optical launchers. Its ability to accurately model complex structures has been verified by numerous experimental measurements and the code is used by gyrotron designers around the world.

Contact Lawrence Ives (, 650-312-9575) for demo licenses and purchasing information.