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CCR currently offers the following hardware products:

Electron Guns

Air-cooled electron gun with mode anode for a 17KW CW, L-Band Klystron

CCR’s staff has several decades of experience in the design and modeling of electrostatic, magnetostatic and electrodynamic devices with a particular emphasis on electron guns for a variety of applications. Codes used include Maxwell 2- and 3D, TRAK and EGUN (2 charged particle dynamics), OmniTrak (3D charged particle dynamics), MAGIC (3D PIC), and Beam Optics Analyzer. The combination of the large suite of codes in conjunction with experience with many types of electron guns allows CCR to model customers’ existing designs or produce new designs quickly and efficiently.

  • 5-Emitter cathode assembly for 220 GHz TWT
  • Electron gun stem for W-Band gyroklystron
  • Cathode assembly for 600 GHz Backward Wave Oscillator
  • Cathode for Ka-Band, segmented, magnetron injection gun
  • 15 beam gun for X-Band klystron
  • Electron gun for 200 MW Annular Beam Klystron
  • LIfe Test Vehicle for cathode research
  • Controlled porosity reservoir cathode assembly
  • Magnetron injection gun for THz gyrotron
  • Cathode stem for field emitter research
  • Gun stem for W-Band gyrotron
  • Magnetron injection gun for W-Band gyrotron
  • 500 kV electron gun for Ku-Band gyroklystron
  • Multiple beam gun for X-Band klystron
  • Electron gun for L-Band klystron
  • 18-beam cathode stem assembly for C-Band klystron


RF Windows

5S-Band, 10 MW pulsed, 15 kW average power window for accelerator application
5S-Band, 10 MW pulsed,
15 kW average power window for
accelerator application

Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. has designed RF windows fromL-Band to W-Band at power levels from a few watts to more than 100 MW. Recent designs include a TE01 window for 200 MW pulsed operation at 1.3 GHz and a 100 MW window at X-Band using single crystal sapphire.

RF Sources

CCR is involved in RF source development from 350 MHz to 2 THz at power levels from milliwatts to Megawatters of output power. CCR has experience in developing a broad range of RF sources, 100_1120 R1including:

  • Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs)
  • Gyrotrons and gyroklystrons,
  • Single beam,¬† multiple beam, and annular beam klystrons,
  • Periodic permanent magnet (PPM) focused klystrons,
  • and Backward wave oscillators.

CCR teamed with Communications & Power Industries, LLC to develop 100 kW magnetron based RF system with phase and amplitude control for accelerator and collider applications.

Waveguide Components

Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. designs mode converters and tapers for a number of applications, including accelerator systems, Radar, and fusion devices. Recent converters include:

  • TE11 to TE01
  • TE11 to TE12
  • TE01 to 80% TE01 and 20% TE02 for transmission across waveguide gaps

Tapers are designed to maximize mode purity while minimizing length. Nonlinear tapers are designed using the optimizing feature in Cascade to achieve mode purities exceeding 98%.


2 MW CW RF Load

The high power waterloads are available for RF power levels up to 1.5 MW CW transmitted as Gaussian modes or HE modes in corrugated waveguide. The current device is designed for operation between 70 GHz and 170 GHz, though lower frequency devices can be designed with minimal additional cost. CCR’s products also include a 200 kW RF load in Ka-Band for TE01/02 modes in circular waveguide.