CCR has decades of experience efficiently creating products that are primarily used in high energy physics and fusion research.

Our Products

RF Windows

CCR develops high power RF windows from 400 MHz to more 100 GHz at power levels form a few watts to more than 100 MW.

RF Sources

CCR develops RF sources from 350 MHz to more than 100 GHz. Sources include magnetrons, power grid tubes, klystrons (single and multiple beam), gyrotrons, traveling wave tubes, and multiple beam inductive output tubes.

Electron Guns

Delivered guns include single, sheet, and multiple beam devices. These have operated from a few kV up to 500 kV with current from milliamps to kiloamps.


CCR’s water loads are the highest power loads for gyrotrons commercially available anywhere in the world, operating from a few hundred kilowatts to 1.8MW. Rectangular waveguide loads can be designed up to several hundred kilowatts CW and 5 MW pulsed.

Waveguide Components

CCR designs a number of specialized components for rectangular and circular waveguide transmission lines, including vacuum pumpouts, mode converters, miter bends, and tapers. Circular guide expertise included both smooth wall and corrugated guide.