CCR’s has access to a large array of fabrication, assembly, and test facilities, including CNC machine shops, braze and bakeout furnaces, high voltage-high power test sets, TIG and laser welding equipment, and cleaning and plating operations.

CCR’s laboratory includes:

Cathode Test Facility with Emission Microscope

Figure 1. High Voltage Pulse Testing Chamber

This facility is configured for high voltage testing of cathodes and includes an emission microscope for detailed studies. The power supply generates 1-10 microsecond pulses up to 20 kV at a repetition rate up to 10 Hz. The facility is used for a variety of experiments where high voltage pulses are required. The microscope can resolve emission on cathode surfaces with a resolution of several microns.

Vacuum Bell Jar

The vacuum bell jar allows testing of cathode heaters to confirm proper operation. This also allows calibration of cathode temperature with heater power. Feedthroughs are available for other low voltage testing.

Research Activities

CCR’s current hardware research activities include:

  • Corrosion prevention coatings for Navy RF systems
  • Multiple beam electron gun for Ka-Band TWT
  • 5 MW CW RF load for ITER
  • 3D Charged particle code for electron device design
  • 10 MW, 1.3 GHz annular beam klystron
  • High power broadband direct coupler and output window for mm-wave gyrotrons
  • Periodic permanent magnet klystrons for accelerators
  • Advanced design software for photocathodes
  • Segmented magnetron injection gun for gyrotron research
  • 125 kW, C-Band, multiple beam klystron
  • 200+ kV electron gun