PPM-focused klystron ready for bakeout

PPM-Focused Klystron Seal-in
CCR’s Periodic Permanent Magnet (PPM) Focused klystron was sealed in on Friday and is now waiting for a bakeout oven. The tube is targeted for a new generation of cancer therapy devices. Elimination of solenoid focusing will allow a smaller package and downsizing of the medical equipment. The klystron is designed to produce 5.5 MW of pulsed RF power at 128 kV. A critical challenge was maintaining relatively high efficiency for a tube operating at high perveance. This klystron is a prototype and allows measurement of body current to determine beam transmission and includes tuners for several cavities. It will be tested at Communications & Power Industries, LLC, the industrial partner on this program. More information is available on the Research page .
This program is funded by U.S. Department of Energy Grant No.  DE-SC0007591.

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