Life testing initiated for corrosion mitigation coatings

Accelerated life testing of test structures was started in September to evaluate corrosion mitigation coatings for copper cooling channels. This is similar to life tests performed a couple of years ago that were very successful. Those tests used ethylene glycol and water as the coolant fluid. To more closely duplicate the conditions on Navy ships (recall this is a Navy-funded program), the coolant mixture includes salts to mimic seawater contamination. We’re also bubbling air into the coolant reservoir to oxygenate the water. There are seven coated samples and one uncoated control sample in the experiment. It’s anticipated that the experiment will be terminate in early December and the test samples analyzed. This will provide useful information on the effectiveness of different materials with varying thickness. More information concerning this research is available on the Research page.
This program is funded by U.S. Navy contract N00014-14-P-1198.

Life test setup

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