Diamond Brewster Window Nearing Completion

Brewster Window

A major milestone was achieved in fabrication of the diamond Brewster window when the brazed diamond disk assembly was successfully welded into the stainless steel support structure. This was the final assembly step potentially stressing the diamond.
The diamond Brewster window is designed to transmit up to 1.5 MW of RF power continuously from 100 – 140 GHz. The window will be mounted in 63.5 mm diameter HE11 waveguide and forwarded to General Atomic for testing in the ECH transmission line at DIII-D. It will be tested using 110 GHz gyrotrons at the maximum power and pulse width available.
The window is compatible with the Direct Coupler developed by CCR for extracting RF power from gyrotrons in HE11 waveguide. The Direct Coupler and Brewster window would allow development of broadband, high-power, long-pulse/CW gyrotrons for electron cyclotron heating, parasitic more suppression, and current drive in tokamaks.
This program is funded by U.S. Department of Energy Grant DE-SC0006212.

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