Magnetron Test System Under Construction

CCR is making good progress inSystem Model 1 assembling a 100 kW RF magnetron RF source system with phase and amplitude control. This will provide  lower cost  RF power than currently available from klystrons, with a significant increase in efficiency.  The system uses a phase modulated locking signal to provide amplitude control when driving high Q accelerator cavities.  The initial test will determine the magnitude of the RF signal required to lock the magnetron. This will provide information to replace the existing klystron driver with a solid state driver.

The system consists of the magnetron, circulator, RF driver, coolant system, PLC-based interlock system, driver power supply, and diagnostic instrumentation. It is anticipated the system will be completed near the end of July with high power testing scheduled for mid-August.  Following tests at CCR, the system will be tested with a superconducting cavity at Fermi National Laboratory . CCR intends to market this system as an economical source of RF power for superconducting accelerators.