1.5 MW RF Load Reflector Testing

Testing has begun on the RF reflector drive system for CCR’s new, 1.5 MW CW, RF load for gyrotrons. The new design eliminates rotating seals and bearings. The reflector is mounted to a hollow shaft passing through a stainless steel bellows that supports the reflector and provides water cooling. An external motor swings the reflector around the waveguide launcher that delivers RF power to the load. The reflector sweeps the RF power around the load interior, preventing excessive power densities and standing modes inside the structure.
The new design meets specifications for ITER, the international fusion reactor now under construction in France. Approximately 24 loads will be required for the initial phase.
The video below shows life testing of the the reflector support assembly. A dummy cone on the shaft duplicates the weight of the copper, water-cooled cone that will be used in the actual load.